Porcelain veneers

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This is a modern and very successful technique used in cosmetic dentistry to treat some of the most common teeth problems most people are facing:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Poor colour, shape or contours
  • Tooth position is compromised
  • Intrinsic staining as a result of medication or disease

What are tooth veneers?
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Tooth veneers are thin shells that are made according to the requirements of the patient using either composite or porcelain material. The veneer can be made by a dentist or dental laboratory. A veneers purpose is to improve the overall health and appearance of your teeth by looking natural and unnoticeable.

To prepare the tooth for a veneer, a very small amount of the original tooth enamel must be removed, usually less than one millimetre. The veneer will be attached to the front side of the tooth and is not considered a reversible procedure. If it needs to be send to a laboratory you may have to wait a few days for it to be ready to be fitted.

Why porcelain veneers

Most people prefer porcelain due to the natural appearance it brings to the teeth as well as its functionality. Although slightly costlier than composite veneers it is definitely worth it. Porcelain veneers are extremely thin and are custom made for each patient’s specific needs.

Benefits of veneers
  • It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a veneer and a natural tooth.
  • They are made of high-tech material that makes them naturally stain resistant.
  • The procedure is minimal invasive regarding the amount of enamel that gets removed.
  • When tooth whitening is unsuccessful or contra-indicated veneers will be the likely option for a whiter smile.
  • Dentists may recommend veneers to quickly fix minor overlaps, small gaps and minor tooth rotations.
  • Apart from the cosmetic benefits it can also act as tooth enamel for those who have extremely sensitive teeth.


Basic maintenance will be to continue with your normal brushing and flossing routine and using non- abrasive fluoride toothpaste. If you have a grinding habit the dentist might give you a bite splint to wear at night to protect the veneers. Do not bite your finger nails, chew ice or open bottles with your veneer teeth. Make your regular dental check-up appointments so that the dentist can check for potential signs of failure.

Do not let crooked, discoloured or uneven teeth take away the health, beauty and confidence of your smile.

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